What To Look For In Daycare Infographic

Choosing a daycare is one of the most important decisions you can make as a parent. After all, you are trusting the care and education of your most precious possession to someone else. You not only have to trust them, but you also have to ensure your child will be taught lessons in line with your beliefs. Plus, you want your child to have fun, too.

Creative Critters Learning Center was founded by parents who could not afford daycare, so they started their own. What began as a way to teach their own daughter has now morphed into five daycare locations, offering the same high-quality care and education their daughter received. Below, we'll take a look at our daycare centers, and contact one of our locations in Williamsburg, West Point, New Kent, Norge, or Quinton today!

What to Look for in a Daycare

Solid Reputation

It's super important that your daycare center of choice in the Williamsburg area has a solid reputation. You should read online reviews by parents and ask your friends, colleagues, and family if they have any recommendations. You can also ask the daycare center for references, too.

Stellar Curriculum

Your child is soaking up knowledge left and right in these early learning years. And, since your child will be at the daycare center for many hours a week (we offer both part-time and full-time daycare), you want to be sure that they are learning things that will both prepare them for life and for school. Here at our daycare center, we offer a specially-designed, literacy-based early education learning program that will prepare your child socially, mentally, and physically for their beginning school years.

Teachers' Credentials

It's important to know who is teaching your child and their background. After all, they will become a big part of your child's life for their time at Creative Critters Learning Center. Ask about their certifications and training, any rewards they might have won, and if they are CPR certified.


With the number of errant shooters, you want to be sure your child is in a safe environment when you drop them off at daycare. Our Williamsburg daycares invest heavily in safety, controlling who comes in and out and enforcing having locked doors. In addition to securing our daycare from intruders, we also child-proof every room and are vigilant about watching for signs of bullying.

Low Child-to-Caregiver Ratio

You want your child to have the attention they need when they need it. This is best accomplished by a local daycare by having a low child-to-caregiver ratio. Be sure to ask your potential daycare centers what their child-to-teacher ratio is. In addition, ask about their employee tenure. A sign of a good daycare center that treats their teachers right has teachers that have been there for years.


Your child needs to eat throughout the day, and you want them to have wholesome, nutritious food to give them the energy their bodies need to function and learn. Here at Creative Critters Learning Center, all of our locations serve free snacks and lunch to those children who eat table food. We believe in helping your child develop healthy eating habits early that can then serve them for life.

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What to Expect at a Daycare Center

  • Consistent communication. You want to know how your child is doing and if they are struggling on a regular basis.
  • Drop-in policy. You want to know that if you want to stop by and see your child in their learning environment unannounced that you can.
  • Clean environment. You want to be sure your child is in a clean environment, including a sterilized environment, which helps keep colds and the flu at bay.
  • Abiding by parents' wishes. Your daycare should listen to your wishes for your child's care, including matters involving discipline, potty training, and even screen time.
  • A safe, fun, and stimulating learning environment that your child will love. This is something every parent should expect and receive from your local daycare center.

Our Childcare Learning Center Programs

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Why Choose Creative Critters Learning Center

Our daycare centers near Williamsburg offer the best care for your child. We take a holistic approach, being sure to care for your child's physical needs, as well as their mental and nutritional needs. Our mission is to promote the love of learning in a safe, caring environment where your child will feel happy being here. We work in conjunction with parents to form a collaborative environment. We ensure you are in the loop at all times, which is why we offer a communication app that parents can download directly to their phone. This allows for constant communication with your child's teacher who can inform you about what is happening in the classroom.


We love children, and we love impacting children in positive ways. Our highly trained caregivers, teachers, and staff look forward to seeing your children each day and making their day bright. From teaching them early literacy and numeracy skills to concentrating on motor skills, and problem-solving skills, our comprehensive early literacy program will have your child naturally inquiring and learning new skills, growing each and every day. You will love the stories they will have after daycare every day. If you are looking for the best daycare in Williamsburg, West Point, New Kent, Norge, or Quinton, schedule a tour today!