Caterpillar 2 2-3 years


Child Care From 2-3 Years Old


Our toddler room is full of love and laughter! We make sure to have fun each and every day, express our creativity, and learn to become our own person! Of course, we also focus on early literacy and numeracy skills, motor skills, and problem-solving skills. At this age, we help children to learn to play independently, pay attention to longer stories, and complete activities by following directions. Of course, potty training is a major developmental step at this age, and you can rest easy knowing that our staff is committed to utilizing a cohesive potty training strategy between home and school. Learn more about what a day in the Caterpillar Two room looks like and contact us today to enroll your child in our toddler daycare program!

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  • Independent pottying
  • Complex make-believe and imagination
  • Understanding most of what is said to them
  • Following two- or three-step directions
  • Snapping and zipping clothing on their own
  • Increasing attention span

Caterpillar Two Daycare

Toddlers learn all the time. One part of the day is not distinguished as more or less educational than the other. For a young child, learning to use and control his/her body, to leave home and participate as a member of a group, to eat meals with other children, to be changed and cuddled by an adult he/she is learning to trust, to sleep in a strange environment and to investigate an interesting new environment with specially-designed equipment and materials add up to a total educational experience.

Our Caterpillar Two daycare program allows for all of that and more! The Caterpillar rooms allow for large and small group activities, quiet and noisy activities, and gross and fine motor development throughout the day at our daycare centers in Williamsburg and the surrounding areas. The areas of the caterpillar rooms include a book and storytelling area, an art area, and areas for large and small motor play. Activities and open areas change in response to cues from children’s behavior.

Developing Your Child's Essential Life Skills

​At our daycare for toddlers, we know that language development is crucial for toddlers; it helps them express feelings and needs related to other areas of development. The teachers in the childcare rooms are willing to listen, elicit responses, talk to the children, ask questions, and patiently answer the hundreds of questions asked of them. The new language skills being gained give the child a new mechanism for learning. In many instances, it is difficult to distinguish between language development and intellectual development.

In addition to language, toddlers continue to rely on their senses to experience the environment and develop intellectually. Sensory-motor experiences such as sand and water play, play dough, finger painting, and music are some of the daily activities children will experience at our daycare center to encourage cognitive development.

Contact us today to learn more about our Caterpillar Two program, schedule a tour at one of our five Williamsburg-area childcare center locations, and enroll your child in toddler daycare with Creative Critters!

A Day In the Caterpillar Two Room

The Caterpillar Two program builds on the skills learned in Caterpillar One. It is in this room we prepare children for preschool. Our circle time is a little longer, we concentrate more on beginning literacy and numbers skills, and most importantly, POTTY TRAINING!!!

​When potty training, children and parents should try and do the following.

  • Children wear underwear each day to and from school.

  • Children have at least 5 changes of underwear and pants at school in case of accidents and if dirty clothes go home please bring a replacement pair the next school day.

  • Children wear underwear at home as they are at school.

  • Encourage children to be independent pottyers by having them pull their underwear and pants up and down on their own as much as possible and then wiping themselves, flushing the potty, and washing their hands. Proper restroom hygiene is very important at home and at preschool!

Caterpillar Two Room Daily Schedule

  • 7:00-8:30 Free play/small group activities
  • 8:30 Diapers and potty
  • 9:20 Circle time/early literacy development
  • 9:45 Snack
  • 10:00 Potty and diapers
  • 10:20 Art/gross and fine motor skills
  • 11:00 Outside
  • 11:30 Lunch
  • 11:50 Diapers and potty/storytime
  • 12:30-2:30 Nap
  • 2:30 Diapers and potty
  • 3:00 Snack
  • 3:30 Outside
  • 4:15-6:00 Fingerplays/music/dance/small group activity

Our Virginia Childcare Learning Center Locations



With childcare center locations in Williamsburg, West Point, New Kent, Quinton, and Norge, Creative Critters is here to help your child bloom! Contact us online or by phone today to schedule a time to tour our childcare learning center

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