Welcome to the Creative Critters Learning Center Blog!

Welcome to the Creative Critters Learning Center blog space! We are so glad that you’ve found this part of our website! Our team strives to provide parents with the information that they need throughout their daycare experience and hope that we can continue to be a resource for you through our website and our blog.


Whether it’s information about how to make your daycare drop-off more bearable or the developmental stages for your child’s age group, there’s a good chance that you’ll find it in our blog. Today, however, we wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves, tell you about our daycare facilities, and give you an idea of what you can expect to see down the road.

About Creative Critters Learning Center

Child care is no joke! Regardless of if you are a full-time, working parent or you’re only in need of child care every now and then to catch up on life, you want to know that you’re trusting a caring professional with your child. Here at Creative Critters Learning Center, we fully understand this and do our best to incorporate it into every bit of our child care facility and experience.

Creative Critters Learning Center began over 15 years ago in West Point, Virginia. Kathy Gray, our founder, was a mother with her third child when her and her husband, Curt, decided to open a high-quality, affordable learning center. After struggling to find a reliable, quality facility to entrust with their little girl’s care, there was no other option but to do it themselves!

Kathy and Curt are actively involved with the everyday operations of each Creative Critters Learning Center. From working with the educators to helping tidy up when needed, both are dedicated to their mission that got these centers started. If you’re looking for a child care facility that you can trust and know without a doubt that your child is being cared for and nurtured, look no further than any one of the Creative Critters Learning Center locations.

What to Expect in Our Blog

As we mentioned earlier, we strive to be a resource for the parents of our students. In our blog, we hope to continue to be that resource by covering topics that just about every parent is looking for additional information on. We’ll go over some of the most common topics that parents with kids in daycare struggle with (like potty training and getting into a routine) as well as a few fun, seasonal topics (like holiday crafts and lessons you can practice at home). If there’s ever a question that you have, feel free to ask your staff!

Visit a Creative Critters Learning Center Today

The well-being and care of the children in our facility is our “why”. It’s what drives us to maintain a quality facility, hire an educated and passionate staff, provide competitive learning programs for children, and above all else, have fun! If you’ve been looking for a high-quality facility to entrust with your child’s care, look no further than Creative Critters Learning Center. We have four different locations to better serve you. Locations include Toano, West Point, New Kent, and Norge. Contact our office today with any questions you may have or to schedule a tour of the facility closest to you.