Holiday Crafts to Do at Home With Your Preschooler

The holiday season is the perfect time to spend some quality time with your little ones. From decorating the house with a Christmas tree to having them help you pick out gifts for the people they love most, there are countless ways that your kiddos can get involved with the holidays. If you really want to make sure that this time of the year is filled with moments that they’ll remember for the rest of their life, then today’s blog is something that you’re going to want to read.


Today, the team at Creative Critters Learning Center are going over a few fun crafts that you can do with your little ones while also celebrating the holidays. Check them out, and make sure to send us pictures of the cute creations that your little guys make.

Paper Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is one of the most iconic parts of the holiday season. If you’re not entirely sure that your little one is ready to start decorating the tree, consider a paper Christmas tree craft for them to have fun with! All you need is a white paper plate for them to paint green and some fun puff-ball ornaments. You can also have your kiddo make some of their own ornaments or draw ornaments onto their tree to make it their own unique Christmas tree and piece of artwork.

Check out this craft here.

Make Their Own Ornament

A popular holiday craft for kiddos of various ages is ornament making. Given that ornaments are the primary form of decoration for Christmas trees, it only makes sense that kids spend some time creating ornaments of their own. Now, if this is a craft that you want to try with your little ones, there are a few ways that you could go about doing it. One of the options that you could do would be with glass or plastic globe ornaments that you have them paint or draw on.

If you really want to get crafty with the ornament creation, you could have them make an ornament from scratch. There are countless adorable ornament “how-to” guides online, and we’ve included a web page that covers over thirty different types of ornaments that you could make at home with your kiddos.

Check out the DIY ornament guide here.

Gingerbread House

Another holiday themed craft that is fantastic for young kids and older kiddos alike are gingerbread houses. These are a fun (and tasty) way to let your kids show off their creative side. Whether you choose to purchase a kit that has the gingerbread sides already made or you opt for making a house of your own, you can guarantee your kids will have a ton of fun. Aside from the basic gingerbread needed for the structure, you can go crazy with the different types of candy that you’d like to get and have them go wild decorating their own gingerbread house.

If you want to make your gingerbread house from scratch, check out this recipe and tutorial.

Happy Holidays from Creative Critters Learning Centers

We absolutely love the holidays and the fact that kids are able to get creative and have fun. Like we said before, if you decide to try any of these crafts out with your little one, don’t hesitate to send us pictures! We absolutely love seeing their creations.

Our team hopes that your holidays are filled with close friends and family and that you enjoy a beautiful start to this new year. If you have any questions regarding days that we’ll be open throughout this holiday season or you’d like to get a head start on enrollment for the coming year, feel free to contact our office and we’ll get you taken care of!