Our Quinton, VA Childcare Center

Creative Critters Learning Center began 15 years ago in West Point, VA when our founder Kathy Gray was a teacher in Williamsburg. She and her husband, Curt, were expecting their third child and could not find a quality, affordable childcare center in the area. So, they decided to open their own daycare center!

Kathy holds a master’s degree in education and was working on her Ph.D. at the College of William & Mary at the time, while Curt is a Navy Veteran and a former PE teacher in New Kent. That original four-year lease has grown into five daycare centers in the Williamsburg area and nearly two decades of exceptional childcare for local Virginia families just like the Grays.

Kathy and Curt remain actively involved in the everyday operations of our childcare centers. You can expect to find Kathy in the classrooms working with our highly-trained staff on refining best practices and Mr. Curt working with school-aged children and delivering food. Our mission is to touch the lives of not just the children and families we serve each day, but to change the lives of the special people who make up our staff across all five childcare centers.

Together, we are committed to providing quality childcare services, fun-filled learning environments based on structure, and to foster the personal and educational development of our children and staff.

Our Daycare Programs

Creative Critters Learning Center is proud to offer quality childcare programs to Virginia families and children of all ages. We’ve created a number of daycare programs designed to meet the needs of kids at various stages of their development, each helping them grow as a whole person: socially, mentally, and physically. Each of these programs is carefully created and run by our passionate staff, who continually seek to develop themselves as educators through the help of our experienced directors and our owner, Kathy Gray. Learn more about each of our childcare programs!


Our Cuddlebugs infant care program is specially designed for newborns (six weeks) through 16 months. This program focuses on creating a warm, secure, and comforting environment in order to allow babies to feel safe and happy. Our infant care program provides personal cribs, as well as separate areas for changing, feeding, and playing. These early stages are vitally important for a child’s development and later learning. Reach out today to learn more about our Cuddlebugs program!

Caterpillar One 

As children grow, they are constantly learning. Our Caterpillar One toddler daycare program helps children grow more comfortable using and controlling their own bodies, as well as leaving home and participating as part of a group with other children. Our toddler daycare program allows for large and small group activities, quiet and noisy times, and gross and fine motor development throughout the day. Reach out today to learn more about our Caterpillar One program!

Caterpillar Two

Every week can come with another level of development for a child when they are toddlers and our Caterpillar Two toddler daycare program builds upon the previous programs and continues this critical growth for children. Language becomes a vital stage of their development and our teachers listen, elicit responses, and help your child sharpen their newfound ways of expression. We encourage creativity and imagination throughout the day as they further advance their cognitive development. Reach out today to learn more about our Caterpillar Two program!


Early childhood education is another critical step in a child’s development as they prepare for life in school until early adulthood. Our Butterfly preschool program creates a preschool curriculum that helps prepare children for a structured day in a school environment, with an appreciation and love of literature. Our children are encouraged to look at books and develop early literacy, which is vital is setting them up for success in future educational endeavors. Reach out today to learn more about our Butterfly early childhood education program!

School Age

Before- and after-school daycare is important for both your child and you as parents. Our school-age programs provide a safe and comfortable environment for your children to spend time before or after the school day, as well as emergency care for school holidays and closings. We also offer summer day camps for children up to 12 years old. Our school-age programs balance learning time and further social interaction with sports and other physical activities. Reach out today to learn more about our school-age programs!

Meet Our Directors

Chrissy Carter

Our Quinton childcare center location director is Chrissy Carter. Chrissy is a graduate of James Madison University and has worked for Creative Critters Learning Center for more than a year. Chrissy knows firsthand just how important daycare is and what makes our childcare centers so amazing as she attended Creative Critters when she was a child! Chrissy is committed to providing a fun-filled educational setting for our children.

Lisa Hill

Lisa Hill is the onboarding specialist at our Quinton childcare center location. Lisa is a retired teacher, spending more than 30 years as an educator. Lisa is responsible for hiring our incredible staff and works with our teachers on best practices in early childhood education. Lisa has an incredible love and passion for bettering the lives of children and helping them develop the necessary tools for a successful future — both inside and outside of the classroom!